Other Products

In addition to fused alumina, we also trade and screen other products for abrasive applications, as surface additives, for the refractory industry and for other applications.

Chilled cast iron round

For cleaning steel surfaces, cast iron and cast steel products, descaling and derusting, for hardening the mechanical surface shot peening.

Stainless steel casting angular

For cleaning surfaces of stainless steel and aluminum,
To give roughness, removing old layers of paint on the surface of stainless steel,

aluminum cleaning of aluminum casting, zinc die casting
Cleaning of non-ferrous metals and special alloys
Surface preparation of stainless steel and aluminum before applying protective coatings.


Blasting agents, wear protection and refractory products


Blast cleaning, sandblasting systems, water-jet cutting media, sweeping

Ceramic beads

Cleaning, matting, deburring, lapping, surface finishing

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