From rounding to soft grinding

In most bulk goods, the particles initially have the grain shape which is present randomly in the raw material. This is usually a mixture of cubic and angular grains without any homogeneity.
Such random products are practically unsuitable for any customer application. A rather cubic or rather angular grain shape is an important quality factor, however, which we can control via the grinding procedure in our production.

Fused alumina particles are usually mostly angular in shape. An effective, iron-free rounding procedure ensures subsequent rounding of the grains.
Uniform grinding ensures a high yield without producing much dust. The particular properties of rounded grains are good scattering and flow behaviour, better embedding in resin matrices as well as high transparency.


  • Melamine resin integration
  • Industrial Ceramics
  • Flooring coatings
  • UV varnish binder
  • Surface finish
  • Polishing compounds

Advantages of cubic grain size

  • Binds in well
  • Scatter ability
  • No cluster formation
  • High bulk density

Advantages of splintered grit

  • Low bulk density
  • Sharp-edged
  • Good cutting performance
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