Reprocessing of residuals

As one of the top addresses for fused alumina recycling, Wester has offered processing of used blasting agents and abrasives for more than 30 years. Fused alumina does not lose its properties through the use as a blasting agent or abrasive. Although the grains are reduced in size, they maintain all abrasive properties. After cleaning and renewed fractioning, the product can be reused in the same or another application.

Metallic particles can normally be removed from a granular mixture easily by means of a magnet – unless the iron particles are very fine. The removal of metallic particles in particular is a challenge we are prepared for thanks to our facilities. Another task is the separation of non-iron particles. These include aluminium, stainless steel and also low-quality iron oxides, which are normally non-magnetic.

Our recycling system

  • Material analysis
  • Determination of the impurity
  • Removal of inorganic contamination
  • Dedusting
  • Demagnetizing
  • Standard sizing of the cleaned material

No need to worry about disposal, have your fused alumina reprocessed by us!

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