Minimising the fine grain content

A high concentration of dust or a high fine grain content is undesirable in many applications. It can cause poor production results, greying of the products and process cost increases. With our filter technology, we reduce dusts down to a fineness of <5 µ.

We offer dedusting of mineral grains under contract.


  • Al2O3 Aggregates
  • Covering slags
  • Hard concrete floor coverings

Advantages through Top Cut

  • Phase separation of different minerals according to bulk density
  • Homogeneous distribution in the finest range
  • Higher specific surface area
  • Higher concentration in the active size range
  • Avoidance of spray grain

Advantages through dust removal

  • Homogeneous particle size distribution
  • Lower specific surface area
  • Less material used as filler
  • Scatter ability
  • Reduced dust emissions in the process
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