White fused alumina

Iron-free fine blasting agent

White fused alumina is suitable for use as an iron-free fine blasting agent for applications in the aluminium, optical and dental industries and for demanding applications in the blasting agent and refractory industries. Thanks to its transparency and abrasion strength, prime-quality white fused alumina is contained in resins and varnishes and therefore is used in the varnish, laminate and surface-treatment industries.


  • Blasting agents
  • Abrasives, lapping and polishing agents
  • Abrasive discs
  • Sandblasting systems
  • Surface finishing
  • Wear protection and refractory products
  • Additive for brake pads, melamine resin retention
  • UV paint and varnish retention
  • Ball burnishing agents

Typical chem. analysis

Al2O3 99,78%
SiO2 0,023%
TiO2 0,006%
Na2O 0,2%
Fe2O3 0,035%
CaO 0,01%

Technical data

Colour White
Spec. gravity 3,9g/cm3
Hardness Mohs 9
Grain shape Angular-cubic
Melting point approx. 2040 °C

Product uses