Mixed fused alumina

Blasting agent and abrasive

This regenerate is made from high-quality ceramic abrasive discs and from fused alumina dust in the abrasive industry. It is a mixture of white and brown fused alumina.


  • Blasting agents
  • Abrasives, lapping and polishing agents
  • Abrasive discs
  • Sandblasting systems
  • Surface finishing

Typical chem. analysis

Al2O3 80,10%
SiO2 11,60%
TiO2 0,70%
CaO+MgO 1,60%
Fe2O3 0,30%

Technical data

Colour Light brown
Spec. gravity 3,85 – 3,94 g/cm3
Hardness Mohs 9
Grain shape Angular-cubic

Product uses

  • Residual value analysis
  • Processing and cleaning
  • Dedusting
  • De-ironing