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The primary characteristics of fused alumina are hardness and abrasion resistance. Its physical properties as well as its chemical and thermal resistance also make it an important industrial mineral.

But its potential for various applications can only be exploited to the fullest in combination with modern processing techniques allowing grinding, fractioning and even coating processes down to a grain size of 5 µ. With a Mohs hardness of 9, the material offered in the form of brown, white and mixed fused alumina is perfect for use as a blasting agent, abrasive and polishing agent. As an admixture to resins and varnishes – ideally in the form of white fused alumina – it provides high resistance to surfaces which are subject to heavy use without any negative impact on their appearance

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Dissipation capacity

Fillers with dissipation capacity, such as our silicon carbide, in surfaces make compliance with strict safety standards possible, e.g. as required in the explosion protection zone around petrol stations or warehouses with flammable liquids.


The grain shape is decisive for the flow properties of a grain (morphology).

Scratch resistance

Maximum scratch resistance due to contained fillers makes highly resistant surfaces possible.

Surface finishing

Any finishing should be scratch-free, and the products should look good after processing.

Sandblasting industry

Cleaning a surface with a long service life requires high-quality blasting agents.

Abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of surfaces is improved by adding fused alumina or silicon carbide.

Refractory industry

Al2O3 aggregate with a low residual moisture content is state of the art in the refractory industry.

Varnish industry

A varnish system needs to be equipped with an inert, ultra-pure and UV-stable filler that provides abrasion, scratch and slip-resistance.


Polishing with suitable abrasives always depends on the perfect grain size distribution and grain size.

Water jet cutting

Garnet sand and other minerals are suitable for water jet cutting.


Organic coatings functionalise the surface of inorganic particles.


The performance of a filler depends on its grain size distribution. Any fine grain content is often undesirable.

Laminate industry

Scratch and abrasion resistance in laminated surfaces is provided by optimally adjusted fused alumina.

Powder coating

Mineral fillers, such as our white fused alumina and silicon carbide, are suitable for powder coating systems as long as they can be electrostatically charged.