Steel Shot Round

For cleaning steel surfaces, cast iron and cast steel products, descaling and derusting, for hardening the mechanical surface shot blasting.

Steel Shots round is an abrasive made of quenched and tempered high-carbon steel, has a long service life and high breaking strength due to its fine-grained, martensitic microstructure.
It is used for cleaning surfaces and produces a gray hammerblow surface. The surface is thereby compacted.


Blasting media
Tool manufacturing
Mechanical engineering
Ship and marine engineering
Automotive industry

Typical chem. analysis

C 0,85-1,2 %
Mn 0,62-1,2 %
Si 0,4-1,2 %
S ≤0,05
P ≤0,05 %

Technical data

Colour dark grey
Hardness 40-50 HRC
Grain shape spherical

Available Grits

S 070
S 110
S 170
S 230
S 280
S 330
S 390
S 460
S 550
S 660
S 780
S 930
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